100 Reasons Why JA


To celebrate Junior Achievement's 100th anniversary we're sharing 100 reasons why JA!
1. Junior Achievement's capstone program, JA BizTown® prepares students for the real world.
2. JA opens doors that aren't always visable to students. 
3. Students learn at a young age why it is important to save money.
4. JA supports educators in teaching important life skills with role models from the business community.
5. Junior Achievement programs help students figure out what they want to do in life.
6. The JA classroom experience is not only rewarding for the students, but the volunteers as well. 
7. The JA It's My Future® Program teaches middle school students the personal-branding and job-hunting skills needed to earn a job.
8. The curriculum in the JA programs aligns to state standards.
9. JA programs give students the confidence they need as they head into the real world.
10. JA Our Community® provides hands-on activities to show 2nd graders how money moves through a community.
11. JA provides the volunteers with a kit of all the materials needed to present a JA program.

You can be one of the reasons why students are 100% prepared for their future! Click here to learn how.