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"I first remember Junior Achievement from grade school. I looked forward to the lessons every week.  This person, dressed so nicely, would come in and talk to us about different ways to earn and save money, and about future jobs. My favorite memory was JA BizTown. I remember interviewing for a job as a bank teller in fifth-grade.  It ended up being my job for the day at JA BizTown,
which is funny because now I work in the banking industry (for over 8 years!). I loved that job! Even though I was only in fifth-grade, I learned the importance of presentation for an interview, how to handle the responsibility of a job and money, and how to spend my money appropriately so I had enough for necessities.

When I was approached to teach Junior Achievement, I was nervous, yet excited. I knew the kids would look to me for advice and potentially remember this experience the rest of their lives. I am now going on my sixth year of volunteering for JA. I work with kindergartners and although they are little, their faces light up when I come back each week. I'm amazed at how enthusiastic they are to learn about saving money and how hard work pays off. It has truly been a rewarding experience!"

Jessica Krol
JA Alum and Classroom Volunteer


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Interested in investing your time?  JA Classroom Volunteers are needed for Spring 2019.  If you want more information about volunteering, let us know, and we'll get in touch. It's easy, the hours are flexible and you can choose your classroom based on a number of factors.

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Junior Achievement of the Heartland provides volunteer-delivered mentorship in money management, career skills, and citizenship to more than 55,000 students every year. With your help, we can teach even more students the skills they need to succeed in the workplace and in life.