Teacher Testimonials

"I offer JA programs in my classroom because students enjoy them and they restate what I teach in a way that the students may listen to more closely. It is another chance to reinforce the curriculum."

Pam Gross - Moline High School, Moline, IL

"I offer JA programs in my classroom because I believe a necessary part of learning is to understand the application and the relevancy of knowledge in real life. JA volunteers provide great insight and their business expertise truly compliments the traditional classroom experience."

Judy Wade - Bettendorf Middle School, Bettendorf, IA

"Today is sort of like a vocational teacher’s dream. To have all these various trades and apprenticeship programs under one roof with actual hands-on experiences has really allowed my students to get a whole new perspective about the career fields available to them."

Linda Golden - Thurgood Marshall, Rock Island, IL

"Junior Achievement’s hands-on learning about money and life skills goes a long way. Everyone needs to learn money management. JA gives my students a better understanding of the real world. They understand that parents have bills to pay. Now, when Mom says ‘no’ to a purchase on a particular payday, they know why."

Kristin Holmberg - Edison Junior High School, Rock Island, IL

"Junior Achievement is for every student and every student will benefit."

Dr. Arthur Tate - Davenport Community School District, Davenport, IA

"A simple question to ask – if not JA, who? We need to continue to support and nurture JA programs in our community."

Jay Morrow - United Township High School #30, East Moline, IL

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