Volunteer Testimonials

"Junior Achievement lets students know if they have the determination, if they have the drive...they can do anything they want."

Erin Lounsberry, Trinity Regional Health System, JA Classroom Volunteer

"Today was my last session at JFK with Ms. Anderson’s 2nd Graders for the JA Our Community® program. I have had such an amazing experience the past five weeks; learning about the kids and classroom, leading them through the activities, having them all so eager to participate and volunteer, and of course, the smiles on their faces with the mention of donuts. Every time that I walked into the classroom, all of the students were prepared for the lesson and excited to see me. My final goodbye brought on a gigantic class hug and begging for me to return; a feeling and moment that I’ll always remember. It has been such an honor working with the students, Miss Anderson, and Junior Achievement. I couldn’t trade the satisfaction of completing this course for anything. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity."

Adam Kuta, QCR Holdings, JA Classroom Volunteer

"I was at a local home improvement store when a cashier recognized me as her JA volunteer instructor from a high school class. She was now in college and made a point to thank me again for volunteering. She wanted me to know she had been hired for every job that she had ever applied for and attributed her success to what she had learned in our JA class about job interviewing. That’s what it’s all about and why I continue to volunteer. JA makes a difference."

Mike Ferris, City of Davenport, JA Classroom Volunteer

"Working with hundreds of students over the past 10+ years to help integrate the business world into their curriculum has been very rewarding for me. The time I’ve invested in Junior Achievement has been measured many times over in the ‘thank you’ letters from the students and the appreciation of the teachers."

Kathy Quinn, Genesis Health System, JA Classroom Volunteer

"I had an excellent experience. The class, the materials, and the teacher were great to work with. I admire JA and what it brings to our community."

Teresa Gibson, KSB Hospital, JA Classroom Volunteer

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