Proven Results


Fifteen years of program research, including approximately 50 comprehensive, nationwide evaluations, consistently confirm our impact on students' knowledge, skill development and attitudes.

Our programs prepare students to:

  • Proactively manage their finances
  • Become entrepreneurs
  • Develop skills that will be recognized and valuable in a global workforce

Elementary School Program Sequential Curricula Pays Off!

External evaluators found that elementary school students who participate in JA demonstrate significantly higher critical thinking and problem-solving skills than their counterparts.


* Indicates significance at the p<.002 level.
** Indicates significance at the p<.004 level


Educators value JA programs:

  • Teachers (95%) and volunteers (92%) report that students who participate in JA have a better understanding of how the real world operates.
  • Both teachers and volunteers agree that JA students work together better as a team and are more capable of making group responses.


Middle Grade Programs - A History of Performance!


* Indicates significance at the p<.001 level. ** Indicates significance at the p<.05 level

Findings: Longitudinal study (2001-2003) Worldwide Institute for Research and Evaluation. Pre/post test scores are taken from recent program evaluations (2006-2008).


  • The majority of middle grade students (71%) reported that JA helped them recognize the importance of education and motivated them to work harder to achieve educational and work goals.
  • Middle grade students understand more about personal finance, business and economic concepts after participating in JA programs.


High School Programs - JA Students Have the Competitive Advantage!


Note: Findings are from a longitudinal study conducted from 2001-2003 by the Worldwide Institute for Research and Evaluation.

  • The majority of students (79%) agreed that JA positively influenced their attitudes toward continuing their education.
  • JA students were more likely than students in general to matriculate to college immediately after high school (77% versus 69%).
  • Most students reported that JA made the transition to college easier, encouraged them to work hard and provided them information that was relevant.


Additional Program Evaluations