Proven Results

Junior Achievement prepares students to develop successful financial management habits, empowers them to explore the potential of becoming an aspiring entrepreneur, and provides them with the skills necessary to succeed in a global workforce.

In addition, external evaluations found that overall, elementary students who participated in JA began thinking about how the things learned in JA will be important later in life.

A significant amount of middle school students developed or improved their entrepreneurial, leadership, and decision-making skills. Furthermore, middle school students gained knowledge of financial literacy, work-readiness, and entrepreneurship.

High schools students agreed that what they learned in the classroom is important to the success of their futures.

Research to date indicates that students engaged in JA are able to connect classroom lessons with real-life experiences.

In general, students at all grade levels reported that JA fostered the attitude and provided knowledge that will help them set goals, seek out important information, and be successful.

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