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Did Junior Achievement make a difference in your life? Our alumni are important to us and we want to reconnect with you!  Whether you participated in Junior Achievement programs during your elementary, middle school, or high school years we want to hear from you.  To share your JA experience with us, please fill out the online form below. 

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"I was first introduced to Junior Achievement in 8th grade in Colorado Springs.  I forever remembered that classroom experience so when I had the chance to volunteer, I took it.  Spring 2018 will be my 15th year presenting "JA Ourselves " to Kindergartener's in my community schools.  I am excited to be a part of the early teachings on economics and money concepts to students."

Diana Boeding - Allsteel, Muscatine, IA


"JA taught me that success in business can be as simple as a good idea combined with the right people. Success comes from proper planning and execution, not luck."

Josh Canon - Heartland Financial USA, Inc., Dubuque, IA





"I experienced JA during my middle school years. The topics were things that were not normally discussed in the classroom such as banking, saving, and money in general. For me this was a formative moment as it got me thinking about more than just what I was learning in the classroom, and started me looking at the world around me in a whole new way. Now as an adult I enjoy being able to impart wisdom and give those experiences to today's youngsters. Seeing them grasp these lifelong concepts is really rewarding and I believe will help them be successful in the future."

Michael Hannamann - John Deere Construction & Forestry, Dubuque, IA











"I first remember Junior Achievement from grade school. I looked forward to the session every week, where this person, dressed so nicely, would come in and talk to us about different ways to earn & save money and about future jobs. My favorite memory of JA was exchange city. I remember interviewing for a job in fifth grade and it would be my job for the day we spent at JA City. I interviewed for a bank teller (which is funny because now I have been in banking for over 8 years!). I loved that job! Even though I was only in fifth grade I learned the importance of presentation for an interview, how to handle the responsibility of a job and money and how to spend my money appropriately so I had enough left over for necessities.

When I was approached 4 years ago about volunteering to teach JA, I was nervous, yet excited. I knew that these kids would look to me for advice and potentially remember this the rest of their lives. I am now going on my 5th year this coming spring of volunteering for JA. I speak to kindergartners and although they are little, their little faces light up when I come back each week. I'm amazing at how enthusiastic they are to learn about saving money and how hard work pays off. It has truly been such a rewarding experience!"

Jessica Krol - Vibrant Credit Union, East Moline, IL
















"I started my personal JA experience as a high school senior in the Fall of 1968 through the Company Program offered in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The experience was valuable enough for me to drive nearly 20 miles each way once a week from home.  Our company consisted of students from a variety of high schools scattered throughout northwest Missouri and eastern Kansas.

The product we manufactured and sold was copper automotive jumper cables.  As the V.P. of manufacturing, I started to learn how to plan production to meet both forecasted and actual sales.  This memorable experience served me well throughout my manufacturing and logistics career as a aviation supply officer, production supervisor, production manager, and plant manager in the consumer goods industry and the military with the U.S. Marine Corps, Avon, Coca-Cola and Nestle.  In fact, I just discarded my personal set of jumper cables only about a year or two ago when they finally became too brittle to be safe.  I can attest that these cables helped me start a stalled vehicle on a number of occasions over 40+ years!

I highly recommend participating in a JA program for any age student.  Recently, I have taught and advised in several JA programs with United Township and Orion high schools in western Illinois.

I have been teaching supply chain management courses at a regional comprehensive university for almost 25 years now and strongly encourage my colleagues to reach out and volunteer with JA of the Heartland.  JA was a life changing experience for me.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my JA story!"

Dr. James Patterson - Western Illinois University - Quad Cities, Moline, IL


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