JA Business Hall of Fame - Tri-State Area

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The JA Business Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who demonstrate an entrepreneurial vision, serve as role models and positively contribute to the overall growth and development of the Tri-State Area.


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2016 Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame Committee
Kerry Azbell, RSM US LLP
Holly Bratten, U.S. Bank, N.A.
Nelson Klavitter, Retired, Heartland Financial
Chris Maiers, Heartland Financial
Judy Wolf, Retired, John Deere Dubuque Works


Congratulations on our previously inducted Laureates!

2014 Inductees:

J. Michael Faley
IWI Motor Parts


Tim Kunkel
Kunkel & Associates

2012 Inductees:

Dick Hartig
Hartig Drug Company

Jim Theisen
Theisen’s Home Farm Auto
Bill Woodward
Woodward Communications, Inc.
Bob Woodward
Woodward Communications, Inc.

2010 Inductees:

Mark Falb
Mike McCoy
R.D. McDonald


2008 Inductees:

Catherine Dunn
Brian Kane
  Dick Wertzberger


2006 Inductees:

Edward Babka
Michael Budde
A.J. Spiegel


2004 Inductees:

John Butler
Arnie Honkamp


1995 Inductees:

  Fred Ertl, Sr.
Julius K. Graves
Leo & Catherine Theisen


1992 Inductees:

  Arte Johnson
  Christian Loetscher
Charles J. & Nicholas Schrup


1990 Inductees:

John Deere
Lynn B. Fuller
Evangeline K. Jansen
William G. Kruse
J. Bruce Meriwether
Frances J. O'Connor
Robert D. Ray
Dr. Walter F. Peterson
Robert C. Walhert
Marvin W. Whitlow


1988 Inductees:

Edward J. Connors
Peter Kloston
Edward & Solon Langworthy
Lester Wendt
Fred W. Woodward


1986 Inductees:

Cyril & Sylvan Frommelt
  Jim Houtz
Bob & Ruth Kehl
Edward McDermott
R.E. "Ted" Turner
Harry W. Walhert


1984 Inductees:

Herbert T. Bertsch
Peter & William Klauer
R. David Thomas


1982 Inductees:

John Taylor Adams
William C. Brown
Augustine A. Cooper
Andrew Young McDonald
Henry L. Stout