JA Fact Page

Our volunteers and board members put in countless hours – through programs, schools and events across 24 counties. And while we measure success based on the personal growth of each of our students, sometimes it’s fun to put a little math behind it too!

  • More than 55,000 kindergarten through high school students are reached each year with our programming options (When we were formed in 1956 that number was 155).
  • We work with more than 90 school districts, and enter more than 2600 classrooms.
  • Business-experienced community volunteers bring our curriculum to life, sharing their personal stories to educate our students through more than 4800 volunteer experiences.
  • To divide it out: 76% of our students are elementary age, 16% are in middle grade, and 8% are in high school.
  • Our program mix is 82% in-school programs, 11% JA World programs (JA BizTown® and JA Finance Park®) and 7% specialized programs (Executive for Ethics, Career Expos, Penny Power, Urban Enterprises, etc.).
  • We are ranked the 25th largest JA Area in the U.S. based on students served.
  • JA of the Heartland was the 3rd JA Area to pilot JA BizTown® in 1999.
  • JA of the Heartland was the 1st JA Area to pilot JA Finance Park® in 2003.