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Teens rarely think about buying health insurance or evaluating investment options, but at JA Finance Park they do!
After completing four weeks of teacher-led instructions, students may visit JA Finance Park in a realistic on-site community at JA World, or online in a virtual community while remaining in their classroom.  During their visit students receive a life scenario, including a job, salary, and family situation, to use as the basis for their simulation experience.  With their real-life personas, students experience first-hand what it is like to pay bills and manage their money for a family.  JA Finance Park provides an eye-opening experience that gives students a solid foundation on which to build effective personal financial habits for life.

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A special thank you to our local program sponsors:

 The Bechtel Trusts    


In addition, thank you to the KPMG Foundation:
JA Finance Park curriculum is made possible through a generous gift from the KPMG Foundation. The grant was used to revise, design, promote and evaluate the new JA Finance Park, with a goal of more strongly infusing 21st century learning concepts and techniques. The grant also supported the revision of the simulation technology that fosters student understanding of personal budget and smart money-management practices. JA Finance Park impacts more than 150,000 students across the nation each year and continues to grow.