JA Finance Park® Teachers


Teens are anxious to enter the real world, but do they have a solid understanding of the financial responsibility that goes along with it?  JA Finance Park provides an interactive learning experience that allows students to create a personal budget while making important decisions related to health care, real housing, transportation, utilities, and more.

Whether you choose to have your students participate in the on-site version of JA Finance Park; or, remain in your classroom and participate in the online virtual community, one thing is for certain – your students will benefit from the opportunity to make real-world decisions while creating their personal budget.

Real-Life Issues and Decisions Involve

Family Health Care Banking Services                                
Real Estate Automobiles
Financial Planning Home Improvement
Family Clothing & Groceries Insurance
Furniture Entertainment

If you are interested in learning more about JA Finance Park or JA Finance Park Virtual, please click on the appropriate link below.  Or, contact Lisa at lisa.francis@ja.org or 563-884-4438. for more information on providing your students with this interactive learning experience.

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