Career Cruising Quad Cities (CCQC) merges software with Quad City resources to engage and inspire students to learn about companies, careers, and networking opportunities in their own community.  There are three ways to join Career Cruising Quad Cities:

Provide a Company Profile – A Company Profile increases your visibility in the community and gives students access to important information such as your company’s location, website, history, and career opportunities.

Be an on-line Career Coach – A Career Coach is an on-line career mentor that answers students’ questions on the CCQC Career Message Board.  Answering their questions will provide valuable insight about what it takes to work in your field and helps them understand what really goes on in their careers of interest!

Join in Work-based Learning Activities (WLAs) – Engage our students to participate in learning activities outside of the classroom by offering company tours, mock interviews, and job shadowing!  Volunteers can also serve as classroom guest speakers, career fair representatives, and more.


See a demo Company Profile, a list of common Career Coach questions, and the complete list of Work-based Learning Activities.

See all the careers featured in Career Cruising Quad Cities categorized by Career Clusters.

See all the careers featured in Career Cruising Quad Cities using the Alphabetical Index.

All of the careers in our system can be connected to a Company Profile, represented by on-line Career Coaches, and explored through Work-based Learning Activities!


If you are ready to register for Career Cruising Quad Cities, you can JOIN NOW!

For more information about Career Cruising Quad Cities, contact Kirk Marske, Director: kirk.marske@ja.org or (309) 277-3909.  Additional information can be provided by phone, e-mail, in-person, or via video conferencing.