Drs. David & Agnes Palmer JA Titan Competition


JA Titan® allows high school students to apply their business knowledge by competing online in a fictional industry. While simulating business quarters, students make decisions on price, production, marketing, capital investment and research & development. These decisions determine the success or failure of their virtual company, and help students understand what it’s like to work in a global economy.

Students within JA of the Heartland's territory get to put their skills and knowledge gained from JA Titan to the test by competing in the Drs. David & Agnes Palmer JA Titan Competition.  Top performing teams are awarded scholarship money for post-secondary education. 

Here's what our students say about the competition:

  • 90% agreed JA Titan was an exciting way to learn how a business operates.
  • 90% agreed the business mentor was helpful in relating JA Titan to real life business experiences.
  • 63% agreed JA Titan made them think about their potential to have their own business.

"JA Titan is an extremely engaging activity that helps students learn not only about the running of business, but also how to actively work in a team and cooperate." - JA Titan Student

"JA Titan has opened my eyes to all of the decisions that go on behind the scenes of a business. I learned a lot of financial tips and different strategies that companies use to be successful." - JA Titan Student

"Encouraging our students to pursue business careers is a great way to build competitive strength in our community. The Drs. David & Agnes Palmer JA Titan competition helps encourage students to become the business leaders of tomorrow."

- - Mark Post, Chief Operating Officer, Carver Pump Company


Check out this video of our friends at Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley! Although it isn't identical to our JA Titan competitions, it will give you a good idea of what it's all about!


For more information, please contact Katie at katie.sothmann@ja.org or 309-277-3919.


2018 Champions!

1st Place - Mediapolis High School, mentored by Ben Schmidgall, Hawkeye Pedershaab

2nd Place - Moline High School, mentored by Steffin Timmer, Deloitte LLP

3rd Place - Geneseo High School, mentored by Brett Decker, Central Bank Illinois