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Sponsors will provide students the opportunity to participate in an engaging virtual event that will introduce them to new career options and help them decide what they want to become when they’re older. This is a fantastic opportunity to market your company and connect with your future workforce! JA seeks sponsorship support to cover the cost of providing JA Inspire Virtual™ for students.

Sponsor/Exhibitor opportunities available!

Learn how you can be a part of this new and exciting event! Contact Scott Ellerbach for more information – [email protected].

Leaders of Tomorrow Sponsors

Impact Sponsors

Inspiring Tomorrows Sponsors

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Many organizations are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. The JA Inspire Virtual Career Fair gives students an opportunity to explore careers they may not have considered. This helps to grow our future workforce.

Sponsorships make this event possible. Your support broadens the horizons of what’s possible for our students. You are empowering them to dream bigger!

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the JA Inspire Career Fair, please contact Scott Ellerbach at [email protected].

We are anticipating 5,000 students will participate. Students will be able to visit booths, watch videos, download documents, and explore careers until June 3. They will be able review information or show their friends, parents and other adults interesting aspects of the career(s) they are considering.

Yes. The vFairs Platform has created an automated process to create and populate each sponsors’ booth. JA will send a link to the exhibitor contact so they can begin building the virtual booth. It’s important to have all files gathered before you begin this process. It will take approximately one hour to build the booth.

The exhibitor contact is usually someone from your marketing, HR or talent and recruitment departments. Once you have assigned this project, please forward their contact information to Nora Marturano at [email protected]. Nora will provide information regarding the event and details on getting ready for the event.

Each booth includes the following items:
• Organization profile
• Contact information
• Content Links to different areas in organization website, career sites, or applicable location link
• Video(s) – YouTube or Vimeo (copy/paste video link directly from the address bar). Videos suggestions provided in another question below; Cannot link to organization social media page
• Presentation or PDF documents that you want students to download; no more than 10 and give identifiable names.
  PDF Document suggestions:

  • Job descriptions with salary ranges
  • Organizational chart or list of jobs at your organization
  • Information about internships, apprenticeships or scholarships
  • Educational pathways for different jobs
  • Students will be curious about what they would experience in “A Day in the Life” of someone who works at your organization. You could choose several job types and create low-tech iPhone videos that follow your team members through different job activities.

    Here are some other questions we recommend answering in your videos:

    ■ What soft skills do you find most helpful for your job and why?

    ■ How is teamwork important to your job?

    ■ What is the most difficult part of your job and how do you successfully navigate through this?

    ■ What do you enjoy most about your job and why?

    ■ What is one goal you have for the future of your career?

    ■ What is the coolest thing you have done at work?

    ■ What advice would you give someone who wants to get into your industry?

    Watch this sample video here: https://youtu.be/NxNHwfUp_M8

  • Film an activity or a demonstration that takes place at your organization.
  • Give a virtual tour of your facility or office.
  • You can also use videos you have already created to promote your organization.
  • Keep in mind that students will want to take in information in “bite-sized” pieces because they will be excited to explore all aspects of the JA Inspire Virtual Career Fair.

All photos or graphics can be linked to your organization website, YouTube, or any other site that will help you tell your story. For protection of our students, we ask that you DO NOT provide links to your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

You can show students the same things at the JA Inspire Virtual Career Fair that you would at an in-person event. Take pictures of items that you would typically bring to a career fair. A PDF of an airplane could include an explanation of how pilots perform their job or could fascinate students with an explanation of aerodynamics. A PDF of a nurse could describe how fulfilling it can be to care for others. Whatever you do, keep in mind the goal is to inspire students to find a career that they will love.

You will be able to organize your uploaded information into a series of content links that will appear in a menu at the bottom of your booth page. You can name them whatever you want. Examples are: About Us, Careers, Internships, Apprenticeships, Hot Jobs, News and Events, Contact Our HR Department, etc.

When you select your booth template, you will see the specifications for each.

The JA staff will send you a link to your booth so that you may access the easy booth uploader. You will be able to choose a booth template that will meet your needs as well as the design and color of your booth. 

Students will be able to download any document, brochure or video you post at your booth. You may want to post information about internships or apprenticeships.

Contact our team to learn more!

Scott Ellerbach
SVP – Community Relations
[email protected]

Joy Dodson
VP – Community Relations
[email protected]

Jill Iams
Community Relations Director
[email protected]

Scott Ellerbach
SVP – Community Relations
[email protected]

Joy Dodson
VP – Community Relations
[email protected]

Jill Iams
Community Relations Director
[email protected]